1. 7/52. Tangled in telephone wires, the forgotten second floor of a Luquillo home looks back towards the El Yunque Rainforest for a last gasp of daylight. The other side faces trade winds that carry siren songs of night on cool, salt-minted air. Below the streets are calm. Families collect around cocinas to prepare the evening’s meal, children walk home from tiendas with sodas or sweets, and working men and women mop the day off their brow in the March heat. Two women walk out from a pharmacy, glance at the two skateboarders and turn for home.

  2. 6/52. Pushing through the streets of Luquillo as daylight makes its final bow before evening, we headed east towards darkness with the sun on our backs. Throughout the barrio men and women settled into their homes after work, exchanging the end of day nuances that can only come from a lifetime of familiarity. Old men in fedoras walked alongside their wives, or rested on the small patch of lawn they scratched out from the sandy soil. Their homes, washed in the amber fuzz of early spring - coral pinks, crystalline blues, and cream smothered walls - caught the warmth of the day. At the bottom of a tight road so markedly Borinquen, with its narrow alleys and uninhibited second floors, the slightest sliver of light shot through. I powerslided between the rays while a dog watched from the second story. #puertorico #luquillo #skateboarding #sunset #streets #caribbean #g&s

  3. 2 + 1. #surfing #skipfrye #surfboard #sunset #capecod

  4. 5/52. Dropping less than 100 miles west, the blue remains of a sun blistered March afternoon provide cool relief while skating through the barrios of Luquillo. March 2014. #puertorico #caribbean #skateboarding #sunset #telephonepole

  5. 4/52. The windows stay open, save for the storms. It’s a way to aerate the home and fill it with the warm trade winds that blow from the deeper portions of the Caribbean. Just enough enough to break the chill of dawn and cut the heat of the day. #puertorico #luquillo #film #house #sunset

  6. 3/52. Kevin Bummer catches a snag in the wipers on the east side of the Island. Keep all ropes, leashes, arms, and legs inside the compact car at all times. #puertorico #caribbean #surfing #film #luquillo

  7. 2/52. Letting the morning sun dry out second session trunks before 11a.m. Domes, PR. March 2014. #puertorico #caribbean #surf #domes #birdwells #surfing #film

  8. 1/52. Walled up at Domes. The community is tight here and the point is easily crowded. Coming from the outside, there’s no need to paddle directly to the point. The waves that swing wide offer some of the better drops and less of a fight. Stay outside. Don’t follow the crowd. #puertorico #domes #graffiti #surfing #caribbean

  9. The crisp sky of spring afternoons. #boston #sky #spring #telephonepole #buildings

  10. In the morning, when we rise…that’s the time I love the best. Get outside this weekend. The weather report for New England is on par for a perfect spring camp session. #sunrise #camping #rei #donovan #lake #home (at Bandit Campers Union)