1. Outside his 50+ hour job, Shane O’Connor has worked tirelessly with Welt Hunger Hilfe to receive a grant in order to establish a surfing club in the 300 person fishing village of Bureh Town, Sierra Leone. Working alongside headman Gbril Bendu, village carpenters, and the Western Area Peninsula Forest Reserve, Shane opened the Bureh Beach Surf Club on Saturday, December 8, 2012. The BBSC provides lessons and rentals given by local BBSC members Jabez Benga, Francis Small, and his brother John Small. The club also offers a restaurant for surfers to bend their at elbows post-session. All profits from the club are turned back into the community via wages, the purchase of local goods and services, and grants. 

    *The video is a re-edit of the boys and a few loc dawg expats getting after it. 

    Here is a link to the club’s Facebook

    A writeup about the opening and a video here

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