1. After editing/watching the Beriau Family Shred I realized something - I needed new snow pants. Those black ones would’ve made Bozung look hip in 2003, or Magoon not so dirty in 2008. I had a pair of khaki colored Foursquare pants lurking around from about 6 seasons ago that I decided to repair. They had heavy stains, torn up hems on the heels, and a split on the butt. Although websites like TheClymb.com make it easy for a person to ditch old, ragged gear for something with brand new DWR (Durable Water Repellents), a better fit, and cleaner style all for about $60.00, a few simple stitches can save the cost of manufacturing, time spent scouring the internet, and waiting by the mailbox.

    Carpet wash is an invaluable tool for outdoor gear cleaning. Whether it be shoes, jackets, or pants, carpet cleaner gets the worst of the stains out. Follow that up with a wash in the machine with a touch of DWR from either Scotchguard, Revive-X, or Nikwax, and the gear is pretty solid right there. I put my old pants through this process and then dug up an old Thermarest stuff sack for patching. Using the Thermarest sack as bias taping, I cut off the frayed bottoms of the pants, restitched them, and then sewed in the Thermarest. With those seams secured, I inverted the crack in the butt, and sewed that shit up. I should be able to get a least one more season out of these pants. Total cost: roughly $10. 

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